15. Popular Blue House Plants

One of the frequently asked questions is what are the best blue house plants for my home? So here we have compiled a list of the top 10 blue houseplants that will enhance any room. Often times beginner plant enthusiast

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15. Multi Colored House Plants

Here we have listed our favorite Variegated plants or multi colored house plants. These decorative plants will definitely brighten up your home. Among these plants, you’ll find crotons with their red, green, yellow and orange leaves. Also included are plants

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15. Plants With Orange Flowers

There are a wide variety of house plants with orange flowers available in shops or can be propagated in your own garden. House plants are one of the simplest ways to add life to any room of your house. A

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15. Decorative Purple House Plants

When it comes to selecting your purple house plants there are a wide array of varieties you can choose from. Here we will list some of the more common purple plants that will definitely liven up your home and are

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15. Impressive Red House Plants

The Red House plants listed on this page will definitely bring a little bit of nature into your home. A beautiful splash of red and green that’s refreshing and softens hard lines and glaring light in your indoor environment. And

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10. Gorgeous Spotted House Plants

The gorgeous spotted house plants listed on this page will bring a little nature into your home. A unique blend of spots on the green foliage is not only refreshing but that softens hard lines and glaring light in your

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Air Purifying House Plants

Discover the top 10 house plants that will purify the air you breathe

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15. Brilliant Yellow House Plants

The beautiful yellow house plants, listed here will definitely increase the look and feel of your indoor environment. Many of these plants can be placed on furniture, but there can also be placed, in hanging baskets, wall-hung planters, stands, or

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15. Ornamental Pink House Plants

Here we have listed some of the most stunning Pink House Plants you can add to your home. Yes, they are all real live breathing plants, you can choose your favorite and add a splash of pink color to any

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15. Majestic White House Plants

White house plants or house plant with white flowers are one of the most basic and most effective ways to create a sense of peace and tranquility in any room. When choosing your indoor plants, there are a number of

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